quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Biblioteca Mario Merlino

Inauguración 12 de abril, às 21h
Biblioteca Municipal Leon Tolstoi
C/ Octavio Paz, 2
Las Rozas De Madrid, España

Acción poética:TIRITITRANTRANTRAN Yolanda Pérez Herreras
Lectura de poemas. Noni Benegas, Graciela Baquero, Pilar Gónzalez España, Sara Rosenberg, José Tono Martínez, Eugenio Navarro, Jesús Gironés…

Cómo llegar
Transporte público: Autobús 629 (Empresa Autoperiferia)
Intercambiador de Moncloa (Princesa 89, Metro líneas 3 y 6)
Isla 1, Dársena 3

Horario (salidas desde Madrid)
19h40 20h05 20h20 20h40
Duración aprox. del trayecto: 45min.
Parada de bajada: Biblioteca Municipal, Centro Comercial El Palmeral, Policía Local

segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

Electrolux — the end of a 'soap opera'

Finally, after three months of headaches,terrible mistakes etc., three serious people Electrolux Brazil appeared in my life: Celso Coser (from Curitiba), Renato Cunha and Felipe Melo (from Rio de Janeiro).

Thanks to all three and all the friends who gave me support, in person or over the internet, disclosing that "soap opera" and helping to put an end to the story.

I hope it will serve as a warning to those responsible for the company in my country to become more aware of the abuses of the authorized stores and the inefficiency of the Service Customer Service.

terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

Electrolux: even the evaluation is a joke

This is a Google translation. I'm correcting slowly, because I’m too tired.

Ridiculous! Electrolux sent as "evaluators" the same friendly boy who had no strength to hold a split tube, and the technician who risked his life twice on the hanging scaffold. I gave them a copy of the following list:

Electrolux / Summary of losses and irregularities

However, an important detail was left out of that list: by order of Dr. Lidio Toledo (the orthopedist who was a physician of the Brazilian soccer team, in case someone does not know), I have to do weight training everyday, because my meniscus and patellae are worn out due to a degenerative osteoarthritis and I have chondromalacia in both knees at different levels (one more and the other one less advanced).

Proper exercises are the only way to strengthen the muscles on the thighs and calves and to contain the degenerative process, as at my age - I am 57 years old -, surgery is not recommended.

Because of Electrolux in Rio de Janeiro, for over two months I have been unable to leave home and go to the gymn, as I'm always hoping someone will give me the company's final return and settle the succession of mistakes they performed, turning my home and my life upside down.

1) 8 boxes of Allegra D (for respiratory allergy);

2) 8 boxes of Allegra 180 (for skin allergy);

3) 3 boxes of ansiolitics 1mg;

4) 3 boxes of ansiolitics 2mg;

5) Recovery of my normal blood pressure, which went up for the first time in my life;

6) 6 general cleanings thrown away the day after they were done: $ 80.00 each;

7) 1 hole on the window that was broken: $ 75.00;

8) A new window: $ 200.00;

9) Replacement of bent frame (not sure how much yet);

10) Extra electric work to connect the white elephant in another place: $ 300.00;

11) Work to replace all the wiring and the clock which measures the light consumption plus change in category by the Light Company to withstand the power of the "monster" indicated by the Electrolux "expert" in my living room: $ 1,000.00;

12) Sound box and picture frames broken;

13) Repair of holes made accordingly to the guidance of the Electrolux "expert", a boy who does not understand a thing about anything (not to blame him or any of the other technicians, who are just following orders from people interested in paying little and earning a lot);

14) Replacement of curtains in the living room and in my home office, completely destroyed by the backflow of water from the apparatus (it rains inside the house when the machines are connected);

15) The rest of my life paying for an electricity bill much higher than necessary, due to the monster that they made me buy. The first Electrolux technician who came here said that the "expert" was wrong: the best for my living room would have been two splits of 12,000 BTUs, and not one of at least 24,000 BTUs;

16) Three months living in a ruined home;

17) The "service" paid without invoice, warranty, nothing at all!

18) Two and a half months trying a zillion times all company phones, without any results;

19) To listen to insults and rudeness from a woman named Rejane who, besides being rude and stupid, had the nerve to say that I was the one who had broken my window glass;

20) To hear promises that everything would be resolved from Luiz, Edna, Marcia, Sabrina and Alex as well as many others, and the situation remaining the same. I get depressed every time I look at that white elephant in my living room and at the other one, even bigger, hanging out there, something indescribable, frightening;

21) I got a call from Curitiba at 9:00am on a day when it was a holiday in Rio only, and saw the response from the company's call center: the person was not found. Someone should have tried to call again a little later; or are they are too busy (or lazy) to do that?

22) I lost approximately $ 1,000.00 of freelance work because I was waiting for the technicians who never showed up;

23) The worst thing and this is number one: to use children to do adult work. The glass broke because the boy did not have the strength to hold the tube; and the calculation is all wrong because they sent an unprepared boy, saying that he is "the expert from Electrolux";

24) The second worst thing: to risk the lives of the employees, forcing them to work on a scaffolding tower without a plateau and without any kind of security! (The second time this happened is documented by photos; the first time, I was paralyzed and didn’t take pictures of the crime)

25) They took my money and did not give me any warranty or invoice. They said this would be arriving by mail and, like everything else with Electrolux, nothing happened! None of the devices could be connected for a single day during the entire summer! What are those $ 4,500.00 worth of junk which are hanging on my walls doing?

If Electrolux Brazil has no regard for the lives of their employees, how are they expected to show respect for their customers? I just want to know who will take steps regarding these crimes and harm perpetrated by the Electrolux gang.

(Some prices have not been researched yet, such as the new curtains.)

terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

Mensagem da administradora/
Mudança de endereço

Caros amigos,
não é que eu esteja abandonando totalmente este blog que criei em homenagem ao querido Mario Merlino (o meu "Marito lindo").

Mas a ideia inicial não foi pra frente e, para reativá-la, tenho que pensar noutra estratégia.

Enquanto isso, faço nova tentativa de emplacar um blog. O endereço é

Espero vocês por lá!


sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

O sobrenatural não é mais o mesmo.
Já o mundo real...


Romance policial é coisa (muito) séria